Please pardon the confusion while the site gets a makeover!

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New: blog, book, illustrations!

I know, I know, it’s been a long time since I’ve kept up with my weekly illustrated blog!
I’ve been offline for most of the past year focusing on some major transitions in my life and my family.

And without the distratctions of blogging, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest,
I’ve finally finished the illustrations for my first children’s book Amanda’s Big Dream!
I am currently in the process of getting the files ready for ebook publication.
Look for updates and coupon codes soon!

I am a one-woman DIY team busy with

  • Designing a new site for Amanda’s Big Dream
  • Redesigning my exisiting book More to Love with updated illustrations and writing
  • Redesigning and updating this blog with a sleeker look, more features and more artwork

Thanks for your patience!
I also have a big family, a giant garden, and can’t resist playing outdoors in the summertime…
but look for the new blog and books soon!