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  • Friends on the Beach,© Elizabeth Patch, all rights reserved.
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Happy Art for Every Body!

Millions of images of women flood our world.
Many of these images portray very thin bodies with nearly impossible ideals of youth and beauty.
These images have a powerful influence on what we believe about our own bodies.

Women of all sizes do amazing things every single day!
Yet there are very few positive images of larger women and girls.

I create my illustrations to add some fun and friendly diversity to the mix of images in our world.
I write about topics related to building positive body image and self-esteem.
I hope to make people of all sizes smile!

About Elizabeth Patch

EPatch-Headshot-smallDuring my career as a high school art teacher,
I saw girls limit their dreams, ignore their talents and minimize their accomplishments by focusing on the “perfect” size and weight.
I overheard countless girls talk about hating their bodies, and knew many students who suffered from eating disorders.
My illustrations and writings evolved from sketchbooks I kept while struggling with my own eating disorders.

I have a BA in Drawing, an MA in Painting, and post-graduate studies in Digital Media.
I am married with 2 children, 3 step-children and a giant orange cat.
When I’m not making art, you might find me practicing yoga, doing something crafty, or chasing animals out of my organic garden.

Women should be measured by the life they lead, not by the size they wear!
Elizabeth Patch

“For an inspirational, feel-good hit, check out Elizabeth Patch. A wonderful blend of charming illustrations and love yourself affirmations.”
” Bless you for your work, Elizabeth! I applaud your brand of activism through art…”
“With touching prose and sweet illustrations, her lovely, inspiring work demonstrates the power that comes from feeling comfortable in our own skin. Elizabeth has captured the essence and joy of living an abundant life!”
“Elizabeth, thank you. If I could give women therapy in art form, it would surely be through your drawings, which give us images of real, magnificent, and gorgeous women owning our bodies, our power, and our incredible life-force. I recommend your work to every woman I know who has ever thought she was anything less than fabulous.”
“The illustrations are beautiful and inspiring and should be hanging in museums as a tribute to well-rounded women everywhere.”
“a charmingly succinct, illustrated collection of meditations on self-image. It’s the antidote our diet-obsessed culture so desperately needs, encouraging women to live in the present, embrace health and happiness, and feel beautiful at every size.”
“From the serious to the slightly silly, Elizabeth’s observations about women and the way we treat our bodies will have you re-thinking every criticism you’ve ever applied to yourself.”