Does Positive Body Image Even Matter?

© Elizabeth Patch illustration

How important is positive body image
in a world filled with horrifying natural disasters, violent political uprisings, wars and the resulting suffering?

Does it really matter whether or not you feel good about your body
in an economy where people all over the world are struggling to make ends meet?

How important is loving yourself
in world where people die of hunger, lack of medicine and clean water, environmental toxins, cancer, malaria, AIDS, and other diseases?

Who cares if some women worry about fitting into skinny  jeans
in a world where some girls are not allowed to go to school, are forced into sexual slavery, or work in conditions that wear down body and soul?

In a world like this,
does positive body image even matter? 

When a woman or girl is obsessed with her “imperfections”,
it impacts more than just her own personal health, happiness and well-being.
It affects her family, friends and co-workers. It ripples out into society at large.
The intelligence, strength, skills, talents, creativity, time and emotional energy
she might have contributed to the world is wasted too!

Positive body image is feeling pride about who you are,
not feeling crushed by shame for who you are not.

Know that having positive body image matters.
Know that you matter!
Because the world could really, truly use more proud, confident, smart, strong, talented, ambitious, creative women!