Elizabeth Patch
Elizabeth PatchIllustrator
Elizabeth’s story is simple and touching:
A former high school art teacher who struggled with eating disorders,
she overheard hundreds of girls talk about hating their bodies,
and watched in vain as a favorite student died from anorexia.
Elizabeth’s illustrations and writings focus on accepting and respecting bodies of all sizes.

Q: Elizabeth, Why Do You Promote Being Fat?
A: I promote positive body image for all sizes.

Millions of images of women flood our world.
Many of these images portray very thin bodies with nearly impossible ideals of youth and beauty.These images have a powerful influence on what we believe about our own bodies.
Despite statistics that “plus-size” bodies are now the majority in many parts of the world, there are very few positive images of larger women and girls.

I believe that every body is a miracle, worthy of love and respect
regardless of size, shape, weight or any other physical characteristic!

I am not a doctor, a therapist, a researcher or a nutritionist.
I am simply an artist who creates fun images for women and girls of all sizes,
and a writer who approaches difficult topics with a friendly voice.

Women should be measured by the life they lead, not by the size they wear!

Elizabeth Patch

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