It doesn’t take any special powers to predict next week’s conversations:

Friends, family & co-workers will be complaining about
how much they over-ate, over-drank, over-spent during the holidays!
Everyone will be moaning about
going on a diet, de-toxifying or joining a gym.
Hardly anyone will sound very enthusiastic
about their new resolutions…

It seems to me that
whining and complaining about your body,
insulting your reflection in the mirror,
and hating yourself for enjoying the past few weeks
of holiday treats
is a terrible way to begin the new year!

Maybe it’s time for another approach…

Instead of complaining
about needing to lose weight or get in shape,
what if you took light, easy steps towards
health and happiness at your current size?
What if you joyfully danced towards it?

“I make positive choices for my health and happiness”
is a simple idea to guide the moment-by-moment dance through your day.

It is not a dreaded diet or time-consuming routine
that you must somehow squeeze into your already stressed-out life.
It is not a statement to build up willpower or “resist temptation”.
It is a gentle reminder that the small steps of
enjoyable physical activity,
eating a variety of nourishing food,
getting enough sleep,
creating balance with work and recreation,
and in general, taking good care of your body
are positive choices,
ongoing choices,
not something you resolve to do in January and forget by February!

It has nothing to do with losing weight, or fitting into a certain size,
and everything to do with simply choosing the best way to take of yourself in any situation.

Whatever resolutions we make on New Year’s Day,
May we all joyfully dance towards our goals for 2011!

2010 New Year’s resolution post

Do you have a positive statement or personal theme for 2011?
Please share!