Summer Pleasures


Riding a bike…

Picnics and hikes…

The backyard and the beach…

Swinging in a hammock full of daydreams…

No bikini required!

I was hopefully, happily unpacking a few Spring things this week.
Short-sleeve tops! Capris! Sandals! Light colors! Sun dresses!
And then I found my bathing suit…

Suddenly, thoughts of the dreaded
“bathing suit season”
struck a brief moment of fear in my heart.

Instead of feeling happy that the snow is finally melting and the days are getting longer,
instead of being thrilled to put away my thick woolen socks and dark winter colors,
my inner critic began listing all my “flaws”:
I’m flabby,
I have varicose veins,
I have lumpy thighs,
look at all that sun damage,
I hate my…

Can it really be true that the only thing that matters during Spring and Summer is what you  look like in a bikini?

Here’s another idea:
Instead of dreading “bathing suit season”
let’s embrace the newly warming season of Spring
and look forward to the wonderful experiences of Summer!

Let’s paint our toenails, and remember the pleasure of walking barefoot on the lawn.

Let’s find something cute & comfortable to swim in, and anticipate the heaven of floating in a lake.

Let’s welcome the blue skies and butterflies, and simply enjoy being alive !

Let’s stop believing that the only thing that matters is our appearance,
and understand that the only thing that really matters is our experience.

Whether we choose to cover it all up or show it all off,
we cab choose to live, really live, with the body we have!
Let’s have a good time in the sunshine!

Summer is coming: no bikini required!

PS: I’m not saying that you shouldn’t wear a bikini if you want to! Wear it with sassy pride!


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