Nature shows us that beauty grows in endless forms.

Take a walk through a botanical garden,
or flip through a seed catalog. The variety of sizes, shapes, colors and forms found in nature is amazing!

Huge, thick-stalked sunflowers, tiny clusters of delicate forget-me-nots, the adorable faces of pansies, lilies in every color of the rainbow.

There are flowers that love cool, damp shady locations, and flowers that thrive in hot, dry soil.

Some flowers bloom all season, and others that burst into bloom for a few short days.

And it’s not just the blooms that are amazingly diverse: fuzzy leaves, silver leaves, speckled leaves, leaves shaped like needles or mittens or hearts.

There are over 7,500 named rose varieties.
The diversity of nature is simply staggering!

That diversity of nature also includes people.
Notice the people around you: friends and family, the people you see on the street, at the mall, in schools.
The variety of sizes, shapes, colors and forms of people is simply staggering too!

“Delicate as a rose” is a lovely old-fashioned compliment for a woman.
However, not every woman is delicate or rose-like!
Perhaps you are tall and willowy by nature, or maybe you are short and thick.
Perhaps you thrive in cold weather, or live for the heat. You might even be a bit of a wildflower!

Your unique combination of hair, skin and eye color, the shape of your mouth or the size of your hips
are a beautiful expression of the diversity and wonder of Nature.

One of the other lessons a garden can teach us:
Each and every stage that your body passes through
has its own uniquely beautiful expression and is part of the natural order of life.
So if the “bloom is off the rose” just a bit, or you are starting to “go to seed,”
allow compassion for whatever stage your body is experiencing.

A truly positive body image accepts and respects the diversity of shapes, sizes, colors and ages of all bodies.