Book in Progress: Amanda's Big Dream

© elizaebth patch illustrationThis summer I’ve been drawing, drawing, drawing!
Trying to finish the line work  for Amanda’s Big Dream ,
written by author and eating disorders specialist Judith Matz.

We hope to have the book ready for publication sometime this winter…
of course, after I finish adding all of the color!

Amanda loves to skate and dreams of a solo in the Ice Show.
But she begins to have doubts about her dream after her coach suggests losing some weight …

This studio shot of my light box (used for tracing) shows Amanda flying off the ice after she falls and then sees kids laughing. Of course, she thinks they are laughing about her size!

As you can see, I keep revising to get the correct body language that expresses both her feelings and how a child skates.
I am also sharing the work-in-progress for the “I quit!” page.
Amanda feels frustrated, angry and hurt, throws down her skates and quits her dream of being a star…
But in the final illustration she reminds me of a little super-hero,
not defeated but strong and powerful!

Amanda Quits!

Most characters in books, cartoons and toys feature only thin girls as the star: cute, successful, popular, athletic, adventurous, attractive and lovable. So it’s also very important to me to show our heroine Amanda as all of these things!

Girls are bombarded with media images every day that promote an obsession with size and beauty ideals that are almost impossible to achieve. Ideas for talking with girls about body image in the media:
Girls and Body Image Tips

I made a  Facebook Fan Page for Amanda’s Big Dream.
I know it’s not finished (OK, it’s just about empty…)

A simple click of the LIKE button would show some support for our book project!

Too many little girls already believe that being thin is the ultimate dream…
We hope that Amanda’s story back to her dream will promote positive body image for girls of all sizes, and help kids, parents and teachers talk about some challenging topics.

Thanks! elizabeth


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