Create the life of your dreams!

Sounds so upbeat and easy, right?
Especially around the New Year, when everyone is hopefully setting intentions and resolutions,
and making Important Lists of Things To Do.
Words are easy, but making real changes… not so much.

Practical, realistic me knows that creating “the life of your dreams”
isn’t as fun as collecting a bunch of happy, uplifting quotes on Pinterest.
(Ok, I’m guilty!)

Creating the “life of your dreams” isn’t simply accomplished by wishful thinking.
Dreams require action and attention, setting goals, and actually crossing stuff off the list.
Dreams require releasing the familiar old way of doing things, and stepping into unknown waters.
Dreams require replacing negative thoughts of failure and impossibility,
with a positive attitude that includes hope and perseverance.

Dreams are exhilarating and exciting and make life worth living!
But making dreams come true can also be exhausting and discouraging at times.
Dreams require time, effort and maybe even some money.
And sometimes, finding enough time, effort and/or money is really, really hard.

Dreams require being able to put yourself, and your dreams, at the top of your list
no matter how many interruptions and setbacks draw your attention away.
And sometimes, you have to put your dreams aside for awhile and just plain take care of business.

Creating “the life of your dreams” can often seem impossible…

And so practical, realistic me also knows that happy, uplifting quotes
are part of the personal cheering squad that can keep me going,
just like keeping a journal or making vision boards.
A sticky note with an affirmation on the dashboard of my car isn’t really fairytale magic.
But keeping the intention of my dreams in my mind,
so that I take baby steps in the right direction
(even when I keep falling down!)
is magic pure and simple.

So here’s to a magical, intentional, transformational 2015!

One where you pick a dream, take the first step,
and then have the stamina, courage, faith and energy to make it come true!


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