How important is positive body image
in a world filled with horrifying natural disasters,
violent political uprisings, wars and and the resulting suffering?

How important is loving yourself
In world where people are dying of hunger,
lack of medicine or clean water,
toxins in the environment,
cancer, malaria, AIDS, and other diseases?

Does it really matter whether or not you feel good about your body
in an economy where people all over the world have lost jobs, homes, life savings,and are struggling to hang onto what they have?

Who cares if some fortunate women have the luxury of worrying about fitting into skinny, tiny  jeans
in a world where some girls are not allowed to go to school,
are forced into sexual slavery,
or work in conditions that wear down body and soul?

What is the point? . . .

Does positive body image even matter? . . .

When a female heart is crushed by the overwhelming idea
that her body is somehow flawed and imperfect,
when she believes she is not thin enough
or pretty enough
or young-looking enough,
her mind, her ambition, her skills, her talents, her creativity,
her entire soul is swallowed up
in a pointless, senseless obsession with her body,
instead of a positive focus on her life.


  • Is your life is controlled by disordered, destructive eating patterns?
  • Is your health impacted by either lack of exercise or obsessive exercise?
  • Do you become depressed if a number on the scale is not the one you want it to be?
  • Do you avoid doing things because of your size or your appearance?
  • Do you panic because you are getting older every day, and are terrified that you will actually look old?

If this is how you spend even a portion of your life,
then you know how hard it is to care about the bigger issues in the world.

Time is wasted.
Emotional energy is wasted.
Money is wasted.
All because you are chasing after a different body (or face!) than the one you have.
51% of the world are women.
How many women are held back, suffer, even die from these “trivial” issues?

When you have positive body image,
when you can practice size acceptance for yourself and others,
when your self-esteem is based on pride about who you are,
and not crushed by shame about who you are not,

then you are free to use all your intelligence, talent and potential
to focus on other, more significant things.

Know that having positive body matters.
Know that you matter!
Because the world could really, truly use more strong, proud, confident women
of all sizes, shapes, colors and ages!