© Elizabeth-Patch-illustration
Silly Question
Should I really hate myself
because of the size of my jeans?

© excerpt from “More to Love

Many deep questions may haunt you
in the middle of the night:

What is the meaning of life?
Who is my soul mate?
What happens when I die?

Then there is the endless stream
of day-to-day concerns:

What’s for dinner?
Did I remember to pay the phone bill?
Where are my keys?

And if that wasn’t enough, serious global questions beg to be answered:

What about poverty, disease, pollution,
wars, the economy?

But one of the silliest questions
we could possibly ask  is:
“Do I look fat in this?”

Get serious!
Here’s some questions you need to answer right now:

How many of the 7 BILLION people in the world actually care what size you wear?
Care whether or not you can fit into your “skinny jeans”?
Care if you hate your thighs?

Free! Bonus Follow-up Question:
And even if they do care,
So What?

Having higher self-esteem or a positive body image won’t
answer your deep questions,
solve your daily problems,
or change the world at large.

But if you stop wasting time feeling bad about your butt,
you just might be able to answer the small questions
and think more deeply about the big ones!

Fun Facts: The world population clock changes continuously!
How many people in the world today  don’t give a hoot about your weight ?