Girl Talk

Imagine the day when we laugh with our friends…
And never once,
not once,
mention diets

“I’m so fat.”
“I hate my thighs.”
“I really shouldn’t eat this.”
“I need to lose some weight.”
“I need to get some exercise.”
“How many calories are in this?”

Diet, diet, diet,
fat, fat, fat,
blah, blah, blah…

Many of us have had these
same conversations,
over and over, since grade school!

Do these endless conversations about diets actually transform your body,
improve levels of physical activity or change eating habits in a positive way?

Sometimes. Maybe.
But they are also the conversations that justify and reinforce eating disorders.

Do these endless conversations
cause misery, generate unhappiness, and perpetuate a bad mood?
You know the answer to this one!

Imagine talking about everything else except diets!

  • Imagine not making negative comments about your body!
  • Imagine not making negative comments about someone else’s body!
  • Imagine stopping the “I hate my _______” conversations as soon as they start!
  • Imagine enjoying your food without mentioning how “bad” you are!
  • Imagine that girl talk is not fat talk!

The world is full of fascinating things to talk about.
Change the conversation!