I move my body with grace and ease.

Every winter I used to join the January hordes at the local gym,
and struggled to “whip myself into shape”.
It never quite worked out for me…

But this year I am trying a kinder, gentler approach.
It’s not even really an “exercise plan”,
the kind where prescribed sets of actions are done for a certain amount of time.

I am simply adding small, gentle doses of body awareness
and increased movement as I go about my daily routine.

I move
Even if its just walking from door to car,
or lifting a basket of laundry or a child,
or standing in line with bags of groceries,
walking to the mailbox,
making the bed,
pulling weeds.
I choose to move more often, and with more attention.

My Body
Yes, my body, like it or not.
I am this age, this size, this shape.
I may have this complaint or that illness.
I may hate this part and love that part,
but I choose to pay positive attention to the needs of my body as I move throughout my day.

With Grace and Ease
The cold of winter, hormonal changes,
a bad night’s sleep, too much to eat,
long hours sitting at a computer screen…
I often feel stiff and achey and far from graceful!

But I can choose to stand tall or slump.
I can choose to stretch my shoulders and hips as I stand or sit or walk.
I can choose to be aware of how my body moves through time and space.
I can practice bringing more grace and ease into my everyday movements.

I move my body with grace and ease.

PS: Lose Weight from exercise? (Maybe. Maybe not, but so what!)

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