Great Big Adventures!

© Elizabeth Patch illustrationImagine you have been invited to an active weekend adventure:
hiking along beautiful mountain trails,
sailing on a crystal clear lake,
exploring an historic city on foot,
canoeing along a lazy river,
biking through rustic landscapes . . .

Imagine that the only goal of the adventure is to have fun.
Nobody cares if you are an semi-pro expert or a baby beginner.
It doesn’t matter if you are fast or slow.
It doesn’t matter if you have special “adventure clothes”.
Your weekend is all about trying something new
or having another chance to do something love.

Imagine that no matter your size or shape or level of fitness,
you enjoy the challenges and surprises of this adventure.
Even if you are the oldest, slowest or largest person in the group,
you have an amazing time!

Now imagine this:
You decide not to go until you lose some weight.
You miss a spectacular sunset because you don’t like the way you look in hiking shorts.
You decline to go scuba diving because you think your belly is too fat.
You are too embarrassed to try _________ because __________.

There are a zillion and a half excuses to stop ourselves from leading adventurous lives.
I have used up quite a few of them myself!
But missing out on joyful, fun activities until “after the diet”
is one of the dumbest excuses ever.
Women of all sizes deserve great big adventures!


  • What adventures can you add to your life right now, no matter what size or shape you are in?
  • What excuses do you have that are stopping you from enjoying your life?
  • And… What are you waiting for?
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