We really enjoyed the big family meals
with home-cooked roasts and all the trimmings this holiday season.

We loved the pies, cookies, stuffing, gingerbread and latkes while we ate them.

Loved the eggnog, champagne, mulled cider and punch while we drank them.

Loved the fancy Hors D’Oeuvres while we nibbled on them.

Had a great time eating and drinking at all the parties too.

I bet I’m not the only one starting the New Year feeling a bit bloated and sluggish.
And I guarantee I’m not the only one whose  jeans are a bit tight right now!

Count the number of times this week someone complains about the weight they gained over the holidays.
Listen for people whining about going on a diet and whipping themselves back into shape.
Newly formed resolutions are fresh in everyone’s mind, and losing weight is the #1 resolution people make.

In reality, “whipping yourself into shape” is often torturous exercise followed by giving up.
Going on a diet is often deprivation followed by over-indulgence.
No wonder we can’t stick to this popular resolution!

Instead of body bashing and self remorse, diet tips and fitness routines,
I simply offer quiet encouragement and a simple affirmation to counter all the body bashing common in this post-holiday season :

I make daily choices that allow me to feel better physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Choose food and physical activities that:
Make your body feel strong and energized.
Make your mind alert and calm.
Make your heart satisfied and full.

Set your intentions on having a full life, not just a thinner body.

And even if you don’t always make the “best” choices, poor choices are not a sign of failure.
They are simply choices.
There is almost always another chance to make a different choice next time!

Wishing  you the happiest, healthiest and most positive year of your life,
filled with new beginnings and amazing experiences!