“Body image”, “size acceptance” and “self-esteem for women” are not generally fun topics!
One of the things I try to do with my art & writing is take a light-hearted look at issues that can often be serious for many women. My illustrations show happy women, comfortable in their bodies, going out in the world with a positive attitude.

As an illustrator, I love seeing how women’s bodies have been interpreted by various artists.
Occasionally I find one who also seems to have a sense of humor and light approach.

So here is”Hilda”, created in the 1950′s by Duane Bryers.
Hilda, a cute, curvaceous, smiling redhead carries wood in the nude while strolling on the beach!

She rides a bicycle in a bikini with a puppy in a basket!
And talks to a phone on a tree!?

As an illustrator, I find her quite adorable in a bygone pin-up style.
Many comments I’ve read about Hilda are from men who appreciate her plump curves and find her sexy,
even in the artificially staged and silly situations the artist created for her.
The thing that makes me love her is the fact that she seems to be going on about her business
with a great show of glee and comedic expression.

Images of women have always been idealized in one way or another.
Pin-ups are just another variation of women filtered through the eyes of a male artist.
But its hard, for me at least, to feel too much  irritation at this somewhat patronizing portrayal of an imaginary woman.
She’s just too cute and funny and silly.
And, she seems perfectly comfortable in her own skin,
something that many women struggle with on a daily basis.

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