I just Googled “real woman”
and got 888,000 results!

Sometimes “real woman” is a scientific description of chromosomes and hormonal levels.

Sometimes “real woman” refers to religious or cultural ideas about how women should behave.

Sometimes “real woman” is about being trans-gender.

But more often than not,
the term “real woman” is a reference to a women whose body is “curvy”, “more to love”, “plus-size”.

I understand where this is coming from.
Images of women in fashion, advertising and entertainment are almost always the same:
tall, young and very thin,
professionally styled and/or digitally altered.
This representation of the same body type is so pervasive
that any woman in the media whose body varies even slightly seems more “real”.

Maybe what is meant by the term “real woman”
is that she doesn’t look like a typical media image of a woman.

How sad that some of us feel less valuable, less beautiful, less womanly
because we don’t fit the media stereotype of what a woman “should” look like!

For a true “reality check
take an honest, non-judgmental look at the actual, genuine “real women” you see every day:

  • the women standing in line at a store
  • the women walking down the street
  • the women you work or go to school with
  • the women in your family
  • The woman in your mirror!
No matter what images the media shows us,
nothing is more “real” than the amazing variety of actual women in the world.
And that includes the wonderful and amazing 100% real you!