EPatch-moretoloveQuoteMore of heart.
More of soul.
More of mind.
More of me.
More to Love.

More of Heart.
Yes, that’s a good thing!
More loving, generous, kind.
Heart is my courage, strength, determination.

More of Soul.
A bigger, better connection to
the spiritual side of life,
to the inner being, the eternal,
the higher aspects of myself.
Yes, this is also good.

More of  Mind.
Smarter. Wiser.
More thoughtful.
More scholarly.
More intelligent.
Good, good, good.

More of Me.
Here is where it gets hard.
My thighs, my belly, my hips.
My wrinkles, my pimples, my scars.
What is beautiful about me.
What is ugly.
Everything about me.
More of me.
All of me!

More to Love.
No, not more to tolerate.
Not more to half-heartedly accept.
Not more to sorta, kinda, almost like.
No ironic air-quotes or self-deprecating jokes.
Take it literally: More to Love.

Heart, Soul, Mind, Me!
There is so very much “more to love” about  you!