Hello! Goodbye!

I’ve been blogging since 2008!
It’s been a wonderful journey as I’ve shared my artwork and thoughts about body image, self-esteem and self-acceptance.
However, I’ve been blogging (and using social media) less and less in the past few years,
as my life began to take a different direction.

I spent the past year and a half producing the illustrations,
book design and website for Amanda’s Big Dream,
a highly acclaimed children’s book by Judith Matz, published in March of 2015.
I loved being able to focus on creating an entire series of illustrations without being concerned about
page ranking, search engine optimization, key words, retweets, shares, likes, pins, etc.
I stopped worrying about producing “blog content” to fit my “market niche” in order to “build my platform”.
I simply, happily, worked on creating Amanda’s Big Dream.

And surprise! Without the extra work of blogging and social media
I began to play with art materials and subject matter that I hadn’t touched in years.
And I realized I sorely missed the creative freedom of drawing and painting without one eye on the internet.

So after much thought (and lots of input from friends, family and fellow artists)
I’ve decided it’s time for me to officially take a break from this blog.
It’s time to get back into my studio and try something new.
It’s time to make some messes and mistakes, mix things up, experiment and explore.
It’s time to see what happens next…
and who knows, I may be back to blogging sooner than later…

I went through my blog archive,
and edited it down to around 60 posts with original illustrations.
Have fun exploring!
And if you would like to leave a new comment on any of the old posts, that would be amazing!
(I read and answer my comments!)

You might still find me very occasionally posting on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.
You can always contact me here .

Virtual hugs to every one of the thousands & thousands of people who have stopped by this blog over the years!
Elizabeth Patch