No matter what is on the menu, a “happy meal” is never just about the food.

Everyone agrees that beautifully presented, expertly prepared food
made from fresh ingredients are key to an excellent meal.
A special occasion or an inspiring location,
shared with friends and loved ones,
also contribute to the pleasure of eating well.
But even the best ingredients,
the most amazing preparation,
or the most glamorous settings won’t guarantee a happy meal.
It is the truly mindful eating experience that brings joy to the table!

Sadly, unhappy eating is a problem for many people.
It isn’t just the poor nutritional value, and possible harmful ingredients, of “junk” food.
It’s also the way we sometimes find ourselves eating,
rushed and mindless, that turns the blessing of food into something stressful.

A happy meal isn’t wolfed down while driving.
A happy meal isn’t mindlessly eaten while watching TV or surfing the web.
A happy meal isn’t spent being worried about the “consequences” of eating.

I am neither a nutritionist or an eating disorders therapist.
I know that many people have vastly different ideas about what one should or shouldn’t eat.
I never give advice about what is the best “diet” for anyone but myself.
I also know that no matter what you choose to eat,
how you actually eat can make a tremendous difference in the quality of your life.

Here is a 3-Step Recipe to transform any meal into a happy meal:

Recipe for a Happy Meal:

Step 1.
Surround yourself with those you love. (Yes, this includes just yourself too!)

Step 2.
Allow the time and space to dine.

Step 3.
Eat with attention, gratitude and pleasure.

I know it’s sometimes impossible to provide all of the ingredients for a happy, nourishing and satisfying meal.
But occasionally, try adding the 3 ingredients of love, time and pleasure to your recipes.
and just see what happens…

Wishing you a full belly and a full heart!

Here is a good explanation of  mindful eating

(note: this is a revised post from the archives)

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