Spring Cleaning!

New growth is everywhere.
Time to rake up all the winter debris, prune the roses, plant out some new seedlings.
Spring is also the time that I get the urge to clean out closets, drawers, the attic, the garage.
And every year I ask myself the same question:
Where did all of this useless stuff come from?

Do I really need all those odds & ends in the middle kitchen drawer?
What about those half-finished sweaters I lost interest in knitting?
Or those old knick-knacks and “collectibles” I just hate to dust ?
Do I really need to keep all those clothes I hope to someday, maybe, possibly wear again?

It’s hard to let go but it always feels so liberating to clear out the junk.

But what about all the emotional junk cluttering up my life?

  • The messy closet stuffed with old ideas that keep getting in my way.
  • The crowded attic full of painful and conflicting emotions.
  • The overflowing garage crammed with outdated beliefs, negative thoughts and hurtful memories.

Is it possible to clean out all of this useless emotional junk along with the usual stuff? 

Here are 5 positive fill-in-the-blank statements to help you with the best Spring Cleaning ever:

  1. I once needed ____________, but now I’ve outgrown it.
  2. I used to be ____________, but now I’m ______________.
  3. ___________ was true, but not anymore.
  4. ______________ made me feel __________, but that’s in the past.
  5. Guess what? I don’t even really like _________________!

What new possibility can you make room for this Spring?

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