It’s finally summer!
Picnics, parks, gardens, pools, lakes, the ocean,
bike rides, hiking, hammocks, flip-flops,
BBQs and cook outs, farmer’s markets,
long days, warm nights, fireflies, butterflies…
theres’s so much to love about the summer!

But sadly, I don’t think I deserve to have any fun this summer because…

My belly is too big for a bikini.
I’m too fat to go to the beach.
I hate the way I look in shorts.
My arms are too flabby for tank tops.

Everyone is looking at my lumpy butt!
Everyone notices my uneven skin tone!
Everyone is laughing at my frizzy hair!

How could I possibly enjoy the feeling of cool grass under my bare toes,
or the smell of roses drifting in the windows,
or an ice cream cone on a hot afternoon
when I look so hopelessly awful?

No thanks, I think I’ll skip that picnic at the lake.
Nope, not going to lounge around the pool reading trashy novels.
Sorry, just can’t do anything fun in the sun,
because, well, you know…

How many times have you stopped yourself from
enjoying a perfect summer day because you felt you aren’t perfect enough?

I’m not a therapist, but girlfriends,
it is ridiculous to allow poor body image to spoil the short sweet season of summer!

This is your body, your life, your summer and there is no bikini required to live it to the fullest!
Now put on something that makes you smile,
go outside and create some wonderful summer memories to carry you through the next cold, dark winter!


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